Sri Lanka is a beautiful, exotic destination full of culture, nature, wildlife and has the most friendly people on earth. After our great time in South-East-Asia it was time for a new adventure. We kind of spontaneously decided to go to Sri Lanka, because of the great stories we heard about this country. In this blog we will point 5 reasons why to visit this country soon, Sri Lanka's biggest tourist boom is about to begin. 

History and the upcoming tourism

The country faced a rough history of a 26-year Civil war were the Tamil Tigers fought to create an independent Tamil state called 'Tamil Eelam' in the north and the east of the Island. The Sri Lankan military defeated the Tamil Tigers in May 2009, bringing the civil war to an end. Only a few months later the east was devastated along with much of the south coast by the famous Tsunami. This natural disaster also had an extreme impact on the country. Today, now the war has ended and the wounds of the tsunami are slightly healing, the tourism is upcoming but still not too overcrowded.

Our 5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka soon

We are not surprised why so many people are so enthusiastic about Sri Lanka, it became one of our favorite travel destination so far. This country had everything to become your favorite travel destination. There are 5 reasons for us to visit Sri Lanka:

It still has..

1. A rich history of ancient towns and a very interesting culture with different religions living next to each other;

2. Some of the most friendly local people on earth; they just can't stop smiling.

3. Very delicious local speciality like; egg hoppers, pastries, fresh fish, curry and roti;

4. The greatest nature for hikes and national parks where you have an almost guaranteed chance to spot lots of wildlife like wild elephants and even leopards;

5. The most beautiful beaches on earth and the best surf spots for all levels.


So do you like to have a very diverse holiday, or are you just interested in some of these reasons to visit Sri Lanka, what let you to visit this amazing country? The tourism is booming, but you are still in time. You won't find it as touristic as the South-East-Asian countries, for now.. This will definitively change in the upcoming years!


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