Anouk and I visited Sri Lanka in March 2017 for 30 days and enjoyed the most diverse country we have been to so far. This country surprised us and exceeded all our expectations and we hope it does yours sometimes. People often ask us what makes Sri Lanka one of your favorite travel destinations? Are you interested in traveling Sri Lanka or just curious about our lifetime tuktuk adventure throughout this country? see our latest blogs below!


Sri Lanka is a beautiful, exotic destination full of culture, nature, wildlife and has the most friendly people on earth. After our great time in South-East-Asia it was time for a new adventure. We kind of spontaneously decided to go to Sri Lanka, because of the great stories we heard about this country. In this blog we will point 5 reasons why to visit this country soon, Sri Lanka's biggest tourist boom is about to begin. 

We made a map with three possible routes you can take when you travel Sri Lanka. We listed the towns and cities we believe is worth visiting. Also we listed a short impression of the activities to inspire you to plan your travels. We would like to suggest 3 routes you can take based on 3 different time frames; <2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, 4+ weeks.

The adventurous two of us really enjoy freedom during our travels and like to explore countries in the most exciting possible way. After arriving Sri Lanka we soon found out that the country is  perfect for doing roadtrips. All towns and cities are reasonably close located to each other and most roads are not crowded at all.