Travelling Australia- also known as the country 'down under'- is for most people a lifetime adventure. After 8 months Asia we were happy to be in a Western country again. Our aim was to buy a car and hit the Aussie roads, and so did we for like 4-5 months. Our roadtrip along the East-coast has been a dream. In the end we end up living in Port Douglas and settled down for a while to earn money to continue our trip and to take a break from our travel adventues. In the meantime we are making plans for new adventures, check our Instagram for the most up to date stories!


After our the East-coast roadtrip with our beloved Van Mr. Moustache it's time to share you guys our experiences of the way to travel (the east coast of) Australia. 

People often ask us, what is the best way to travel Australia? We will immediately respond to this question to consider buying or renting a car, but this can of course be different for you. What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting a car? When you should not buy or rent a car and go for the bus? We will discuss these question in this blog. This blog does not contain info about hitch-hiking, but of course you can give it a try!