Our story

We are Stijn and Anouk and as a couple we are traveling the world. After finishing our Masters at the University of Amsterdam we decided to start traveling. This was our dream were we talked about since we met during Uni. We live the one-way ticket life and hope to continue to live our dream for as long as we enjoy it. 

We are currenly on the road for 12 months in total and visited 8 Asian countries and Australia. In september we went to Bali for one month for some family visits. Now we are back in Australia to earn some more money to travel for one more year. 

After Australia we are planning to go to New Zealand, Fiji and South America. Our dream is to end our worldtrip at Burningman, a festival in America.

We self taught ourselves how to photograph and notice that while our skills are getting better, we are attracting more and more people who follow our journey. We feel blessed that creating unique content around the world partly supports us in our travels and we hope to continue making beautiful content around the world as long as possible.

There is so much to see in the world, so we decided to just go on a big adventure to explore it. 

Life is too short, so we remembered ourselves to live our lifes by folowing our dreams ;)!

Stijn & Anouk